30 Day Plank Challenge – Level One

30 Day Plank Challenge from Today’s Fitness Trainer The Plank is one of the most “sacred” of core exercises. The minute you say the word “plank”, a look of fear comes across anyone who is being told to do it. This is because this exercise is challenging for EVERYONE who does it … every single time (regardless of … Read more

Body Composition: Fat-Free Mass and Fat Mass

In the fitness world, we use body composition to describe the proportions of fat, bone, water, connective tissue, and lean muscle in the human body. When referring to body composition, we are talking about the percentage of body mass that is both fat mass and fat-free mass (Lean Mass: L%, Fat Mass: F%). When we … Read more

Fitness Insight Podcast | Personal Trainer “Burnout”

http://business.fit/Podcast/FIPod34.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Personal trainers have an important role when it comes to helping and motivating others to make their lives better … but what isn’t talked about is how “lonely” it can be or how “stressful” it is taking on the responsibilities of a personal training career. Because personal trainers take … Read more

The Skinny on Essential Nutrients

Nutrient information is foundational for anyone interested in (healthy) weight maintenance, gain, or loss. No one can out train a poor diet, not even Lance Armstrong … ok, maybe Lance!  Genetics play a huge role but after that, nutrition takes a close second in determining how a body responds to any given weight loss plan. The … Read more

Fitness Insight Podcast | Dealing with Incidents at the Club

http://business.fit/Podcast/FIPod36.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Personal trainers may spend hundreds (even thousands) of hours working towards getting their personal training certification and thousands of hours training clients in their careers. Unfortunately, nothing can truly prepare them for an incident where they are the first on the scene in an emergency situation. No matter … Read more

The Art of Napping … for Better Workouts

Are you getting enough sleep each night? If not, you might want to consider napping for a few minutes to improve your effectiveness and productivity during the day (especially if you are planning on working out)! Although experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep per night, only 59 percent are actually sleeping for that long. … Read more

15 Minutes of Fitness – Cardio Workout #1

15 Minutes of Fitness – Cardio Program #01 Everything we do in a day is a collection of tasks that only take a few minutes to do. For example, there are a lot of things you can get done in just 15 minutes, including: Listening (or singing) to three or four of your favorite songs Grilling … Read more

7 Back Exercises for Beginners – Business.Fit

According to the American Chiropractic Association, around 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at one time in their lives. Moreover, back pain is also the most common reason for missed work. One-half of working Americans claim to have had back pain as a cause of work-related activities. The human back is one of the … Read more

Fitness Tip of the Day #22

Fitness Tip of the Day: Be kind to yourself. Be kind to yourself. There are various reasons why people choose to start a fitness program and making regular exercise a priority in their lives.  These reasons may include: To look better To feel better To have more energy To get stronger To build self-confidence To … Read more

Fitness Insight Podcast | Mobile Fitness Solutions

http://business.fit/Podcast/FIPod32.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download Starting your own personal training business doesn’t necessarily require a massive outlay of costs of investment funding … it could start with some creativity and your ability to get mobile using your own vehicle (or possibly a truck) and bringing fitness to clients or client groups. In … Read more