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Great arm workouts can target the biceps or blast the forearms, but, by and far, when you are talking about toning the arms, you are most likely talking about triceps, biceps, triceps, and shoulder. By following a list of unique exercises and routines, anyone can have success taming their pythons in a hurry.  And, according to Fitness Magazine, all you need is ten total exercises, and, if you follow them in order, you’ll have ripped arms and shoulders in no … [Read more…]

The chances are that when you think of arm workouts, you probably jump right into bicep exercises, and, with good reason, as no other muscles pop quite so much as blasted biceps. But to look more like Mark Wahlberg than Malcolm in the Middle will take dedication, proper diet, and exercise.And, with that in mind, we have hand-selected workouts for chiseled arms that would make even Vin Diesel jealous. However, when starting on a muscle-building program or any … [Read more…]

There are literally dozens (84, according to of exercises you can do to firm up your chest, but in reality, most of us only do one or two until we really get good at them. Many of these workouts are aerobic in nature, and many involve gym and home workout equipment, but overall, the key to building mass in your chest lies in doing a variety of exercises and sticking with them over time. It is also recommended that you swap exercises often and … [Read more…]

According to the American Chiropractic Association, around 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at one time in their lives. Moreover, back pain is also the most common reason for missed work. One-half of working Americans claim to have had back pain as a cause of work-related activities. Quick Navigation MY NECK, MY BACK (MUSCULAR-SKELETAL EDIT)THE 7 BEST BACK EXERCISES FOR BEGINNERSBACK EXERCISES KEEP YOU HEALTHY The human back is one of the most … [Read more…]

Let’s be honest … we all have an obsession with abs (aka. “abdominal muscles”) and lower ab workouts. In fact, scientists say the stomach is included as one of the top five traits humans are most attracted to (this list also includes a person’s smile, eyes, breasts and hair). Regardless, this infatuation with perfectly chiseled abdominal muscles is what sells magazines, movie tickets, memberships to fitness clubs, DVD to the latest ab workout routine and … [Read more…]

Back workouts are typically not high on the “to do list” when people actually get to the gym. People will literally arm wrestle for their favorite treadmill or elliptical trainer because EVERYONE comes in for a cardio workout. Unfortunately, it’s a different story when you make your way to the chin up bar or lat pulldown machine … you may actually hear the sound of crickets (depending on the time of day). Given the fact that back pain is the single leading cause … [Read more…]

Barbell workouts should be in everyone’s “bag of tricks” at the gym. Most people gravitate to the dumbbell rack or make the rounds to all the different pieces of selectorized equipment but barbell equipment is easily the most under-utilized property on the workout floor. Barbell workouts are everywhere … at the gym, in your basement or home workout room, in group fitness studios, in sports-specific training facilities and CrossFit gyms across the country and … [Read more…]

It’s that time again … SUMMER! This is the season for short shorts, tank tops and showing off that awesome body as you soak up some glorious sun. OH NO! Your body isn’t quite “ready” for summer? Did the holidays bring in too many extra calories and was it hard getting back into your regular workout routine? NOT A PROBLEM!! If you’re familiar with the TRX® Suspension Trainer, and what training in three dimensions can do to get real results … get ready to get … [Read more…]

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ under way in Brazil, the entire globe is getting into the spirit of the game of soccer (aka. football) and yelling “GOOOOAAAAALLLL!” at the top of their lungs as they cheer on their favorite teams! According to a worldwide survey conducted by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) in 2007, over 265 million people regularly play soccer around the world, in addition to over 5 million referees and officials.  This … [Read more…]

Everything we do in a day is a collection of tasks that only take a few minutes to do. For example, there are a lot of things you can get done in just 15 minutes, including: Listening (or singing) to three or four of your favorite songs Grilling a 1.5″ thick steak on the barbeque Gift wrapping five large “oddly-shaped” presents Cover three miles distance on your bicycle When it comes to your health, you can also get in a good workout in just 15 … [Read more…]

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