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When NBA player Shaun Livingston dislocated his patella tendon and tore three of the four major ligaments in his right knee whilst going up for a standard transition layup, his psyche, physical aptitude, and general mental approach to the game would be temporarily altered in the moment, and the foreseeable future. That was in the Spring of 2007. Since then, Livingston has gone on to finish twice (in consecutive years) as the respectable third runner-up for the … [Read more…]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Do something (good for you) that scares you every single day! Looking at yourself in the mirror and making a commitment to changing your life is a scary thing to do … regardless of what you want to accomplish. Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle mass, get stronger or run a marathon for the first time, fear is a major obstacle that can get in between you and your goal. Fear is a natural instinct that warns us of dangerous … [Read more…]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Get mentally tough to get physical results. When it comes to any fitness program designed to achieve a fitness goal (i.e., lose weight, decrease inches, or even gain muscle) things rarely go as planned.  Unexpected challenges and obstacles get in the way of your workouts (i.e., lack of motivation, an injury, change in work schedule, losing a workout partner, etc.) and, inevitably, your success. If you can face adversity, remain focused, … [Read more…]

Fitness Tip of the Day: The only person that matters in your fitness journey is … YOU! All human beings (to some degree) are competitive in nature.  According to Charles Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory, all of our actions reinforce the premise of “survival of the fittest” (that the “fit” rather than the “unfit” will survive any challenge). On instinct, we are driven to improve our performance and establish superiority over others in all aspects of life (i.e., at … [Read more…]

FITNESS TIP OF THE DAY: Accept yourself for who you are today … and the person you are working towards becoming as you work towards your health and fitness goals. We are all familiar with the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity and their effects on self-esteem (positively evaluating who we are as a person and holding our value in high regard). Unfortunately, because we “evaluate” our worth it is hard to maintain our self-esteem because it can … [Read more…]

When it comes to anything fitness motivation is the key to long-term success, regardless of the goal. Some may argue that the exercise program is essential, or the diet and nutrition program, but I would beg to differ. Imagine taking a road trip across the country. Your body is the vehicle and the workout program and diet act as the road map. As prepared as you think you may be, you can’t go anywhere without gas in the tank. The fuel that actually moves you forward … [Read more…]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Be kind to yourself. There are various reasons why people choose to start a fitness program and making regular exercise a priority in their lives.  These reasons may include: To look better To feel better To have more energy To get stronger To build self-confidence To live a longer life To improve quality of life The end goal provides purpose and motivation for the long journey ahead … which can be a roller coaster … [Read more…]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Focus on the reality of the present and don’t dwell on the mistakes of the past. If you’ve turned on your TV or listened to the radio lately, you’ve most likely flipped through news programs that report significantly more negative stories than the feel good ones that make you believe in miracles. When we are inundated with that type of negative influence, day in and day out, it’s hard not to also reflect a negative (or pessimistic) attitude … [Read more…]

Fitness Tip of the Day: The decision to “try” is the first step towards any goal in life. According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, to “try” means to make an effort or attempt to do something.  It doesn’t have to be an attempt to reach your goal from the first action … it can simply be an attempt to take the first (of many) steps to help you get there. Many people go through life sitting on the sidelines as the world changes around them.  These people are … [Read more…]

Fitness Tip of the Day: Focus on having a positive attitude towards your challenges. Have you ever been in a group fitness class and wondered why some people are super happy and excited to be doing plank holds and push-ups, while others (maybe even yourself) are cursing under your breath, wanting to punch the instructor in the teeth?  Do you find yourself wondering: Are they “superhuman”? Do they not “feel” the agony I’m feeling? Are they doing the … [Read more…]

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