Fitness Tip of the Day #8

Obstacles are expected when you are working towards reaching a goal

When you fall off the program, get back up and start again.

Any fitness goal, whether it’s to lose weight, shed inches, get stronger, or run farther, requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination to achieve.  The journey is rarely one without bumps, bruises and “detours” along the way.  When adversity strikes (which is inevitable) it’s important to see the big picture and stay focused on the end goal.

The goal you set out exists because it’s something very important to you.  If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be going through the hardships and the difficult journey to get there.  When you reach that goal, you will:

  • Look better
  • Feel better
  • Be healthier
  • Be happier
  • Be a better role model
  • Be able to experience more out of life

Falling down and getting off track when you’re on a fitness program is expected.  The difference between those who succeed at reaching their goal and those who don’t is how each person reacts to obstacles and challenges along the way.

It’s not easy dusting yourself off and getting back on that horse again.  What you need to realize is that the ability to fall down and get back up again (even stronger than you were before) is more of a triumph than reaching a fitness goal.  Look forward to the opportunity to prove to the world you are a survivor and someone who can overcome adversity.  Look forward to the challenges and see them as opportunities to become better than you ever thought possible … body, mind, and soul!

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