Fitness Insight Podcast | The Exercise vs. Nutrition Debate

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It’s been a busy few weeks for the Fitness Insight “trio” of Jamie Atlas (, Pharoah Kafele ( and Andrea Oh (! Andrea came back from competing at the USAV Open Volleyball Tournament in Detroit, Pharoah just got back from Junior Nationals Physique Competition in Chicago … and Jamie confessed he CAN balance on one foot and put on a sock! All jokes aside … in this episode of the Fitness Insight podcast the group reflects on their recent experiences (and interactions with their clients) regarding the balance between exercise, training and nutrition. They take to the airwaves to discuss:

  • How many steps it takes to burn off the calories in one M & M.
  • Pharoah’s first meal after he took the stage.
  • Not eating a size 12 diet if you want a size 2 body.
  • The importance of nutrition (and the science) to achieve the body you want to see in the mirror.
  • The Iron Cowboy (James Lawrence) and his progress as he finishes day #12 of his 50-50-50 challenge.
  • How food motivates us to do “silly” things.

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