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Starting up a new personal training business or fitness studio is typically frightening because it requires overhead costs (i.e., lease on physical location, utilities, staff and professional services) and significant efforts to presell memberships/packages to ensure the business will survive once it opens its doors.

When it comes to fitness studios or health clubs this is essential to ensure the long term success of the facility. Presales is the collection of activities carried out before a customer becomes “official”. The presales process could last upwards of 4 to 6 months to get it done right. Examples of grand opening presales activities include:

  • Membership sales
  • Personal training package sales
  • Results-based program sales
  • Drop-in passes and/or punch cards

Jamie Atlas (, Pharoah Kafele ( and Andrea Oh (, have witnessed and/or been a part of the successes (or failures) of many fitness clubs and studios. In today’s podcast the group continues their discussion on the business of personal training and how to successfully launch a new fitness studio or health club.

The group discusses:

  • The importance of a business plan (at the beginning of any business venture)
  • Grassroots strategies to market your new studio/facility when you can’t even train onsite (waiting for it to be built)
  • Planning a pricing strategy six months prior to grand opening

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