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Whether you’re a personal trainer for a fitness business that employs personal trainers … retention is something that is on everyone’s mind. Personal trainers want to be a part of an organization that they believe in and want to stay with for the long term (especially if they are looking for stability and a team environment). Fitness businesses are concerned with personal trainer retention because these individuals can significantly drive sales and add a powerful revenue stream to the business. If personal trainers are happy they keep their clients happy and generate consistent revenue. If they aren’t, it can significantly effect the businesses bottom line and also may disrupt member retention as well!

In this week’s episode Pharoah Kafele ( and Andrea Oh ( discuss their experiences with personal trainer retention from the perspective of being a trainer, managing trainers and owning/operating a fitness business. Topics discussed today include:

  • The concerns of a new personal trainer looking for their first fitness job
  • How to know when it’s time to find another club to call “home”
  • How to manage a personal training team to ensure greater staff retention
  • How to develop the right “culture” to retain personal training staff (and their clients)
  • The “cost” of losing a personal trainer and the value of “investing” in your staff

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