Fitness Insight Podcast | Sometimes Being a “Jerk” is Necessary

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Most personal trainers do what they do because they LOVE helping people reach and achieve their health, fitness and/or performance goals. They build relationships with their clients based on hard work, trust and honesty. Of those three things, “honesty” is the usually the toughest one to stick to because the truth isn’t always pretty. In fact, there are times where we have to be a “jerk” in order to help a client improve, grow and evolve. Unfortunately, not all personal trainers are willing to give up being the “nice guy” and fail to do what’s in the best interest of their client.

In this week’s episode of the Fitness Insight podcast, Jamie Atlas (, Pharoah Kafele ( and Andrea Oh ( get up close and personal and share recent experiences where they’ve had to be the “asshole” in order to get the job done. They discuss how being in a leadership role (where others look to us for guidance) is not the easiest or most popular position to be in … but that it is a necessary evil of what they do as personal trainers, coaches and/or business owners. They also share tips for new personal trainers on how to handle tough leadership situations and to ensure their clients understand why we need to be tough and stick with us beyond the tough times.

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