Fitness Tip of the Day #5

Having a good attitude about exercise makes the long term journey easier to manage Make your workouts FUN (even though you don’t like to exercise)! All human beings are programmed to actively seek out pleasure and avoid pain through a survival mechanism called the “Pleasure-Pain Principle”.  In essence, the brain is programmed to constantly move … Read more

Ask the Expert – The Personal Trainer “Balancing Act” (Pharoah Kafele)

Pharoah Kafele Of the 253,702 personal trainers in the United States (as reported by IBISWorld – February 2014) only a small percentage possess the experience, knowledge, drive, and characteristics to be true “role models” of fitness and health.  Pharoah Kafele is one of the rare few who dedicates his life to being an eternal student to his … Read more

Workout Programs for the Gym – Muscular Strength for Beginners (MSB-1)

Level of difficulty:  Beginner Workout intensity:  Low/Moderate Session duration:  60 to 75 minutes This strength training program is perfect for someone who is just getting started with, or getting back into, a strength training program.  It includes exercises that challenge each major muscle group (acting in opposing pairs) that are challenged one time per week. … Read more